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05/01/2016Pastor Alan Rydman Choose Your Master!
Sunday AM Romans 6:12-23
Download 5-1-2016_am.mp3
08/28/2016Pastor Alan Rydman Believers and Our Secular Government
Sunday AM Romans 13:1-17
Download Believers_and_our_Secular_Government.mp3
11/20/2016Pastor Alan Rydman Weak Enough To Win
Sunday AM Judges 7
Download Weak_Enough_to_Win.mp3
01/01/2017Pastor Alan Rydman Remembering Our Father
Sunday AM Luke 15
A new look at an old story!
Download Remembering_Our_Father.MP3
01/08/2017Pastor Alan Rydman Remembering Our Creator
Sunday AM Genesis 1:1-28
God had a plan for you from the beginning of time!!
Download Remembering_Our_Creator.mp3
01/15/2017Pastor Alan Rydman God's People Have Problems!
Sunday AM
Rather than "hanging on", God will help you "climb over"
Download Gods_People_Have_Problems.mp3

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