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Pastor Alan Rydman


The fourth of Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Rydman's five children, Alan Rydman was born in Mount Pleasant Hospital in 1967. That very year, his father was prominent, as a layman, in founding the Grace Baptist Church in Coleman, Michigan.  

At the age of 6, Alan trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, and was baptized shortly thereafter. About fifteen months later, Alan was present at the founding of this, the Central Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant. So, after having attended three different churches in his first six years of life, now, Alan would grow up in what would be to him his "home church.

Though he knew God's calling was on him from nearly the time of his conversion, it was not until he was seventeen years old that he finally submitted to the Lord's will. So, immediately after high school (where he met his wife-to-be, Sara), Alan entered Hyles-Anderson College to prepare for the ministry.

While in college, Alan and Sara were wed. Then, upon his graduation, they moved to upstate New York to serve as a youth pastor, teacher, and coach at Heritage Baptist Church of Palmyra, NY. Two years later, in 1994, Alan returned to Central Baptist to serve part-time, then went on to pastor Grace Baptist Church of Coleman, MI (yes, the same one his father had started in 1967) for several years. Their lovely daughters, Lydia (9/96) and Hannah (10/98) were born during their tenure there.

Following a process of much prayer and heart searching, Alan moved his young family to Durham, North Carolina where he served as Assistant Pastor for ten years at Liberty Baptist Church of Durham, NC. After Dr. Gordon Rydman suffered a severe heart attack, God graciously allowed Alan and his family to return to Central Baptist in July of 2009 to assist his dad in the work here. In October 2014, the church voted to designate Alan Rydman as pastor of Central Baptist Church.