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“July 24, 1974; 8:00 PM— Meeting was called to order by the chairman, Rev. Gordon Rydman at 2507 N. Lincoln Rd., Rosebush, Michigan…”  So opens the first entry of the records of Central Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  In their living room, pastor Gordon Rydman, with his wife, and five children covenanted to constitute a new Baptist church in Central Michigan.  Today, the youngest of Dr. Gordon Rydman’s four sons, Alan Rydman, serves as co-pastor with his father.

Door to door evangelism—“soul winning”—was at the core of the ministry in those early days, and continues to be preached and practiced as the believer’s duty in carrying out our Lord’s great commission.  Hundreds have been led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the years, yet our task remains largely undone.

Every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night, the Word of God goes out from the pulpit of Central Baptist Church by means of sound Biblical teaching and Preaching.  Every week, the blessed people of our church carry the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to the people of our area, then we gather to praise the Lord musically, and encourage and pray for one another’s spiritual and physical well-being.

Knowing our future is as bright as the promises of God, and that the suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared with the glory ahead, we urge you to join us in our mission.  Help us take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Mount Pleasant area, across America, and around the World by winning the lost, then loving, nurturing, and training those we win to do the same.